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Click HERE or anywhere on the image to the right to be taken to the official Kickstarter page.

Glasgow is an album to celebrate twenty years of musical discovery in the inspirational city of Glasgow.


Just before my 18th birthday I moved from the banks of the River Spey to the 14th floor of the Red Road flats in Glasgow. I'd come to study Traditional Scottish Folk Music at what is now The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Twenty years later I want to make an album that reflects on the time I've spent in Glasgow making music, hanging out and growing up.


Boo Hewerdine is producing the album and we have already started recording the album in Motherlode Studio, Norfolk. We need your help to finish the recording and release the album.

Glasgow has a rich history of music and, of course, songwriting. From Adam MacNaughton's 'Jeely Piece' song to The Blue Nile's 'Tinseltown in the Rain' hundreds of songs have been written about this wonderful city. My new album will contain a mixture of some of my favourite songs, some that I've written especially for the project and some co-writes with Boo Hewerdine.

I'll keep you informed all along the way either through short video blogs, blogs and sneaky listens to works in progress.


Why use Kickstarter? A few reasons for this 1) It is a simple way for you to pre-order the album. Kickstarter is a well known an trusted crowdfunding site. 2) Unless you are signed to a major label it makes more sense for a small independent act like myself to use a crowdfunding platform. 3) It's fun to have fans involved album making process. 


What are you going to do with my money? All of the money you contribute will go straight into the project. The main areas of spending are: Recording (recording, mixing and mastering), design (Photographs & design) and promotion (Local, National and Online Press plugger and radio plugger... I do the social media stuff myself... as you may have noticed). The final major expense is duplication ('pressing' the CD, setting up download, liscensing fees, barcode).... and then there's all the little things (travel expenses, tea/coffee/food for the studio, guitar strings etc.) The more money you contribute the more I can do with the album. THANK YOU!


To be utterly transparent the main risk is that the project doesn't get fully funded and the album wont get made.

This is the second time I've crowdfunded an album and the fourth album I've self released. I'm aware of many of the risks involved. This time I've allowed plenty of time for all the rewards to be fulfilled. I have allowed a bit of breathing room in the budget to accommodate any last minute surprises. I've learned that there are always last minute surprises.

UPDATE #1 – 24th Jan 2017

Halfway there... Thank you!

UPDATE #2– 5th Feb 2017

Hello Kickstarters,

This is amazing! Thank you to everyone who has backed this Kickstarter so far. With your help I've reached the £4000 goal with 28 days to go. Please keep spreading the word as the more money I can raise through pre-orders the more interesting things I can do with the album when it's finished.

I have a couple of videos to share with you later in the week. One of Hamish Imlach's "Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice" and one of a brand new song called "Young Goths in the Necropolis". 

Thanks again!

Cheers Fin

UPDATE #3– 10th Feb 2017


Here's a taste of what the 'Glasgow' album will have on offer. A couple more tracks coming your way soon. Thanks also to Lewis at Glassworks Studio and Ross of Year One Music for making this video.


Please keep spreading the word as the more money I can raise through the Kickstarter campaign the more I can spend on making the album MAGNIFICENT!

UPDATE #4– 14th Feb 2017

Hello Folks,


Here's one of the new songs for the Glasgow album project. It's called Young Goths in the Necropolis.


The campaign is going really well. Thank you for all your support. I'm aware that I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record here but please do keep sharing and tweeting about the campaign. You'd be amazed how many people have contributed due to your re-tweeting and sharing.


Now the initial target has been reached I'm keen to raise another £1000 so I can use one of Raymond Depardon's magnificent Glasgow images on the front cover. The photograph is managed by the famous Magnum Photos agency and I have to pay a royalty to use the image... in exactly the same way someone would pay a royalty to use or record one of my songs. 


Back to the new song. When I started running I used the path that wound up from the Bridge of Sighs to the top of the Necropolis as a marker for my fitness level. It took me over six months to get up that hill without stopping for breath. The view from up there is spectacular.

UPDATE #5– 18th Feb 2017

It Looks a Little Something Like This..

Hello Folks,


This is the image I'm planning to use for the cover of Glasgow. It's by Magnum Photographer called Raymond Depardon. The story goes that Depardon traveled to Glasgow to shoot photos of the city for an Overlooked Tourist Destinations' feature. Instead of shooting the places that tourists go he went wandering in Govan and Maryhill.


Like all photographs I have to pay a royalty to use it as cover art so anything you can contribute to the campaign would be extremely helpful.


..AND... If anyone happens to know what street corner this is I'd love to hear from you. Might be Govan or Maryhill but I'm not sure.

Thanks again for your continued support.


Cheers Fin

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